DASAN Ethical Management Code Structure
DASAN Ethical Management Charter
DASAN Code of ethics
DASAN Ethics guideline
DASAN Ethical Management Charter
DASAN respects the market economy order in which fair and free competition is guaranteed, We aim to become a global company that seeks to increase the value of all stakeholders based on mutual trust and cooperation. Accordingly, all Dasan employees comply with the “Co-prosperity Code of Ethics and Guidelines” in accordance with transparent ethical management principles for shared growth with customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and the community.
1. For Dasan's sustainable growth, we all work together and fulfill our responsibilities as a social enterprise.
2. For infinite satisfaction of customers, always respect and follow the voices of customers.
3. For the happiness of executives and employees, the management does its best for communication and welfare of members.
4. For the mutual growth of business partners, we conduct reasonable and fair transactions in accordance with the trade practices of mutually respectful global standards.
5. We make sincere and creative efforts to increase shareholder value.
6. For the development of the country and local communities, we conduct sincere and transparent law-abiding management
DASAN Code of ethics
All Dasan executives and employees have a firm belief that through transparent and ethical management, we can grow and develop together with customers, shareholders, business partners and local communities. The Dasan Code of Ethics, established based on this belief, contains the basic ethical spirit and observance pledge as well as responsibilities and obligations to customers, shareholders, employees, society and the country.
Chapter 1 Responsibilities to Customers
Chapter 2 Responsibilities for Employees
Chapter 3 Fair Trade
Chapter 4 Respect for Shareholders
Chapter 5 Contribution to the State and Society and Compliance with Laws
Chapter 6 Basic Ethics for Employees
Chapter 7 Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for Employees
Chapter 8 Compliance with the Code of Ethics
DASAN Code of ethics
DASAN Ethics guideline
The Dasan Code of Ethics is not just an abstract slogan, This is a detailed behavioral standard for influencing the decisions and actions of Dasan executives and employees. This represents Dasan's will to practice ethical management, and has established detailed standards and procedures for specific actions such as business partners, stakeholders, company assets, and document manipulation and reporting.
· Lack of transparency in selecting suppliers
· Receiving rewards from stakeholders
· Unfair equity participation in business partners
· Illegal Misuse of Company Assets
· False reports such as document manipulation, etc.
DASAN Ethics guideline
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