Product Overview
The stabilizer bar of the car is a component that can prevent the overturning by maintaining the left and right balance of the car body. It is mounted by the stabilizer bar link to lower arm which is a part of the suspension installed on the bottom of the car. On both sides of the stirrer bar, a stabilizer bar bush fixed to the bracket is inserted. The stirrer bar rubs against the inner surface of the bush and rotates at a constant angle. At this time, the bush absorbs the torsional and lubrication forces caused by the rotational movement of the stabilizer bar, so that the vibration of the stabilizer bar is not transmitted to the body.

  Function and Role
The main material is made of ordinary rubber, and a mounting hole which a stirrer bar is inserted is formed in the center part, and the stabilizer bar is fixed by the bracket while the stirrer bar is inserted.

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