Product Overview
Weather Strip is a generic term for parts used to open and close the outside of a car and a door. In other words, it is installed on the outer edge of the door or Trunk Lid to prevent rain, wind and dust from penetrating into the room, and to absorb vibration and noise while driving and to support the door and glass.

Weather Strip for door
There are two types of standard type, consisting of ALL SPONGE and SPONGE and SOLID. There are two types that are fitted to the chassis and fixed with clips.

Weather Strip for body
The standard type is mainly composed of a sponge that seals and rubber that surrounds the metal core that is fixed to the flange.

The main function is water sealing function to protect the inside of the trunk by blocking water from the outside when it is raining or car is washed. As a supplementary function, it acts as a buffer when opening or closing the Trunk Lid or Tail Gate. In recent years, in the case of Tail Gate, it is also required to prevent wind noise.

Channel Glass Run
It supports the glasses of the door and maintains NVH performances.

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